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Matthew W. Mccauley
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16 Oct 2017

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Kirkland is a city of over 88,000 today, but when the US government opened the eastern shore of Lake Washington for homesteading in 1870, it was an unforgiving, mostly unpopulated primeval forest of giant old-growth conifers and tangles of undergrowth. Over the next two decades, hardscrabble pioneers gradually braved the wilds to stake and prove up 80- and 160-acre land claims. In 1887, a consortium of speculators, developers, and dreamers headed by a dynamic English steel industrialist sought to transform the scattered wilderness ranches into a steel manufacturing center, the "Pittsburgh of the West." A boomtown was born, but within a few years, the steel scheme imploded, leaving in its ruins a few resilient families who undertook the arduous, decades-long struggle to forge a town. Early Kirkland provides a new look into Kirkland's past, from its beginning to 1940.

The two most successful industries in Kirkand's early history were wool milling and ship building. The first wool mill in the State of Washington was established in Kirkland in 1892. It produced wool products for Alaska Gold Rush prospectors and for the U.S. Military during World War I.